Love Can Have the Greatest Impact

We’re so grateful for the difference you make through World Vision. Here are a few examples of Canadian love in action.

Love Can Do Anything

Around the world, children show us that love can do anything. We at World Vision are so honoured to work with millions of children globally and it is love that inspires us to work together to make the world a better place.

Love Can Free A Boy

No nine-year-old should spend 14 hours a day picking coffee cherries in the blazing sun. But that was the reality of Julio’s life until a compassionate Canadian donor stepped in.

Love Can Change A Nation

You never know how far a child can go given the right opportunities. In Guatemala, Jimmy Morales lost his father at age three and his family struggled. But with the support of World Vision donors, he has gone on to change his country.

Love Can Cross Cultures

It seems like an unlikely pairing—an elderly woman in Alberta and a young, orphaned girl in Thailand. But over the years, Thelma and Patheera formed an incredibly touching bond through World Vision.

Love Can Change the Future

World Vision program advisor Edgardo Gonzalez has not only seen the difference sponsors make, he has lived it. Growing up in Philippines, he was a sponsored child himself.

Love Can Become An Anthem

Canadian music legend Tom Cochrane first traveled to Africa with World Vision in 1989 for what would become one of many trips with the organization. The intense sorrow, suffering, joy, and love he encountered changed him forever and inspired a classic Canadian anthem.

Love Can Change the World

Taylor is a young woman from a small town in Western Canada who has continually challenged herself to do the extraordinary to help other teens her age around the world.