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Introducing a new way to support entire communities throughout the developing world. A monthly pledge where contributions are pooled together to create powerful change. A charity that focuses on removing the fundamental barriers to progress. A partnership that works with villages for 12-15 years to establish long-lasting results. Village2Village turns collective Canadian power into global community impact.

Whether you are an individual, family or community you can support villages in need.

With your love, victory over poverty is possible!

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Choose a monthly amount. Make a difference.

Use the slider to choose the amount you'd like to give each month.

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Guatemala - San Pedro

BARRIERS: Health & Education

Poor farming community, poverty runs deep (74%), malnutrition is on the rise and schooling is severely lacking.

  • Establish community education centres
  • Provide water filters
  • Train mothers in child nutrition

Nepal - Achham West

BARRIERS: Health & Education

More than half of the population are children, and poverty forces families to choose work over education.

  • Promote equal education for all children
  • Promote healthy habits for expecting mothers
  • Build networks to help farmers access services

Bangladesh - Bhandaria

BARRIERS: Health, Education & Eco-Development

Insufficient food for 95% of families. Women's wages as low as a dollar a day. Child labour, environmental challenges, and more.

  • Educate locals on child rights
  • Establish savings groups among families
  • Teach disaster prevention and protection

Laos - Multiple Communities

BARRIERS: Education, Agriculture, Health & Nutrition

Food shortages, children at risk of disease, and uneducated mothers.

  • Train health workers in the management of communicable diseases
  • Improve local garbage disposal facilities
  • Establish parent associations in schools

Tanzania - Shishiyu

BARRIERS: Food Security

People survive on subsistence farming, harvesting just enough to get by.

  • Promote proper hygiene practices
  • Teach farmers to improve livestock and crop production
  • Provide farmers with seeds and tools

Kenya - Soin

BARRIERS: Health & Education

Malaria and malnourishment continue to plague families and children, a declining focus on education perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

  • Construction of classrooms
  • Educate families on child nutrition
  • Train community health care workers

What a difference collective compassion can make.
Come on, Canada. We can do this.

2017 Financial Pie Graph

Every dollar has a direct impact.

80.5% of donations go directly to programs that help communities in need. (Based on a 5-year average)

80.5% Programs
13.3% Core Mission Support – Fundraising
6.2% Core Mission Support – Administration