Advocating for Children

I could have had an early marriage, but World Vision helped me from the very beginning. Now my dream is to be a police officer, to bring justice to our society.

– Shuvolota, 14, Bangladesh
Fourteen-year-old Shuvolota looks proudly toward us, from her desk at school, where she’s writing. Her clothes are clean and crisp, and her dark hair is pulled back neatly in a ponytail.

A mother and son look toward us with their arms around one another, smiling. The woman is wearing a head scarf.

Children have a full set of unique rights. We teach children about their rights, equipping them to speak up for themselves and educating communities to honour them. World Vision advocates for children with the Canadian government and on the world stage. We press for laws, policies and programs to open doors that poverty and injustice had slammed shut.

Ways in which you helped impact lives for good:

Bangladesh In Bangladesh, a boy holds a large sack over his shoulder, looking into our eyes. He looks serious and his shirt is open, as though he is working rather than attending school.

We championed the 85 million children worldwide suffering in the worst kinds of child labour. We published our findings for 44 major companies importing goods into Canada, calling for greater supply chain transparency, and action to protect children from exploitation.

South Sudan Two girls in South Sudan sit in a classroom of children, focusing intently on the lesson. They are wearing school uniforms, and their eyes are bright. They look healthy.

Around the world, more than 300 million children live in fragile contexts, where civil strife, economic turmoil and other chaos have rendered them invisible. Here in Canada, we championed these children, pressing for international programs and policies prioritizing their needs.

Laos In Laos, a very large group of children sit on the ground, as if they are at a meeting or conference for children. In the foreground, a girl about 12 years old speaks into a hand-held microphone, looking happy and confident.

We armed 26,886 people against the brutal practice of human trafficking. World Vision taught families in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam how to stay safe in their home communities and when travelling. And we empowered young people to spread the word.

Lebanon In a classroom in Lebanon, a girl in the foreground smiles excitedly and claps her hands. She’s wearing a bright red sweater, and looks very happy to be there.

Our No Lost Generation program empowered 55,491 children affected by the conflict in Syria. Through protection and education, you empowered these children to lead the way forward, and use voices that had been silenced by gunfire.

Accomplished in 2015.

Cambodia In Cambodia, a group of children sit in a circle with their teacher, on the bright green grass. You can see the white school buildings in the distance. The children’s feet are all pointed toward the middle, and they are listening to their teacher. They look to be playing a game.

Around the world, we supported 1,842 clubs for children and youth, safe places to play, make friends, develop leadership skills and learn about their rights. 43,298 children and youth attended.

Accomplished in 2015.

Uganda In Uganda, a group of women sits on the ground, in what looks to be a meeting. In the foreground, one woman wears a vest with the World Vision logo. She expresses herself passionately with one hand, while holding a sleeping baby in the other arm.

You helped ensure that 193,512 people learned about the rights of children, as well as ways to promote child protection and encourage children’s participation in family and community decision-making.

Accomplished in 2015.