Developing Communities

We used to walk very far to get water. I no longer go late to school, because we have a water faucet outside our home.

– Angelie, 8, Philippines
An eight-year-old girl in the Philippines kneels beside a bucket, her hands reaching into a torrent of clear water that’s gushing from a tap. She’s smiling broadly and looks happy.

In a South American country, a mother laughs happily while holding a cup steady so her toddler-aged boy can drink from it.

Water is life, health and empowerment. Thanks to you, 31 new water programs around the world are sparing children from waterborne illnesses and exhausting, often-dangerous walks for water. Through our development work, World Vision partners with communities to build better lives for children. Our programming is innovative, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of the particular community.

Ways in which you helped impact lives for good:

Bolivia A little girl in Bolivia sits on some straw, holding up some brown eggs she’s gathered from the hen beside her. Her clothes are clean and her hair combed into ponytails. She looks shy but happy.

You sponsored 454,435 children in 245 communities, helping parents provide their children with things like clean water, nutritious food, safe shelter, and access to education and healthcare. Through sponsorship, you helped lift entire communities, so all children living there could thrive.

India A girl in India about eight years old looks excited and happy, while hugging the slate she uses to practice mathematics. There is a chalkboard in the background, filled with lessons.

Poverty often interferes with education, robbing children of choices for the future. In India, our 52 remedial centres helped 1,560 children who were struggling academically. Most have already advanced to the next grade, on track to learn and thrive.

Kenya A proud, regal-looking woman in Kenya looks toward us, holding her toddler-aged son close to her. Her chin is lifted slightly, and their faces touch.

Children do better when parents are coping well. In a ground-breaking pilot program, we trained 23 community health workers to provide counselling to 338 Kenyan women struggling with the grind of poverty and violence. The women’s mental health improved and they missed fewer days’ work.

Mali In Mali, a girl shows us a bright green lettuce so large that it fills her arms. She is wearing a head scarf and a bright skirt. The field behind her is filled with similar bright green vegetables.

Assisted by a Canadian government grant, we improved food security for more than 68,000 people in West Africa. By improving livelihoods and supporting savings groups, we helped nourish and strengthen children in Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Accomplished in 2015.

Rwanda In Rwanda, a young man in bright red coveralls bends over a woodworking project. He is inside a workshop of some kind, and is surrounded by other projects. The wood looks clean and new, and sunlight streams through the window.

We helped train 18,535 adults and youth in job skills and business management, equipping them for brighter, more productive futures. Increased income means parents can do more for their children, helping break the cycle of poverty.

Accomplished in 2015.

Laos In Vietnam, a boy and his father stand in front of a small, wooden structure near their home. The father has his arm around his son. Both look happy.

You helped us build and improve 16,688 latrines, keeping more children safe from illness associated with poor sanitation. Thanks to supporters like you, 122,374 more people now have the safety and dignity of improved sanitation.

Accomplished in 2015.

Kenya In Kenya, a young mother happily holds her baby boy, who is lunging toward the camera. The child is wearing a warm hat and sweater, and looks to be healthy and energetic.

Children are most vulnerable to illness and death from conception through to the age of five. Thanks to donors like you, we were able to vaccinate 164,308 children and pregnant women against preventable diseases.

Accomplished in 2015.