Your Donations at Work

Poverty and injustice are formidable foes. That’s why we fund a wide range of programs to help change children’s lives.

In Malawi, a boy stands in the middle of a very green field, holding four bright yellow cobs of maize. His face is turned upward toward the sky, and his eyes are closed. His face looks to be filled with immense joy.
In Malawi, 12-year-old Samson’s bounty is the result of many programs, all working together on his behalf. Around the world, you help us ensure that children are safe, healthy, hydrated, educated – and nourished with food they enjoy.

Here’s how these programs break down:

All numbers are based on a five-year average.

Health, water and sanitation


World Vision helps communities to raise healthy children through immunization programs, prenatal and postnatal care, medical checkups and counselling, illness prevention and treatment, and latrines. We improve access to clean water by drilling boreholes, building pumps and wells, and equipping community members to maintain water systems.

Food and nutrition


We help families give children the best start, providing training sessions about breastfeeding and infant feeding. We teach communities to monitor children’s growth for early signs of concern, and diversify diets through projects such as community gardens. We provide vitamin and nutritional supplements and specialized emergency feeding programs.



World Vision helps children learn by training teachers, running early childhood education programs and literacy programs, developing strong curriculum, and teaching the value of education to families. We help keep schools in good repair and stocked with supplies, and assist families in providing children with the uniforms many countries require.

Humanitarian and emergency response


With staff in nearly 100 countries, we can be on the ground immediately, providing supplies such as food, water, shelter and medicine. Disaster preparedness training saves lives by teaching families how to respond at the first signs of an emergency. We continue partnering with communities after an emergency, helping them rebuild for the future.

Developing global strategies for helping children


Every child in the communities we work in benefits from the collective expertise of our global partnership. Staff members in our international office design worldwide strategies for helping children, provide technical expertise in areas such as nutrition, and assist in coordinating global campaigns for initiatives such as child health.

Community empowerment and child rights


World Vision helps ensure that children’s rights are respected, and that children have access to services such as education and healthcare. We help communities develop approaches to protect, care and support orphans and vulnerable children, while preventing and responding to the abuse, neglect and exploitation of all children. And we empower children to express their needs and ideas in their communities and with their governments.

Sustainable livelihoods


We partner with families to increase household incomes, so parents can better provide for their children. Small business loans, job training and savings programs help both women and men build businesses and create jobs for others. Agricultural training, seeds and fertilizers increase crop yields and help secure food supplies.

Monitoring and evaluating programs from Canada


World Vision experts based in Canada work directly with overseas colleagues to help improve the quality of the programs we provide. We analyze data collected in communities, and interim and final evaluations for programs and projects.

Investing in future community development


Even before sponsorship starts, we build relationships with community members. Together, we develop a project plan to provide long-term solutions to poverty. During sponsorship, we help families create strong, community-based organizations and networks with other communities, so progress can continue well after our partnerships end.

Monitoring and communicating progress


To ensure children’s lives are changed for the better, we monitor aspects of their progress including their health and education. We’re continuously looking for ways to strengthen our programs and learn from challenges.

Public awareness


We engage with the Canadian government, as well as key decision-makers with world bodies such as the United Nations, to influence programs and policies such as international aid, conflict resolution, as well as child health and child protection. We involve Canadians in helping children through public awareness campaigns.

Programs that help Canadians in need


In Canada, where one in every six children lives in poverty, we partner with grassroots organizations already doing good work on the ground. We provide training to leadership teams, help build sustainable strategies, and fund innovations to improve resiliency in communities.

Partnerships with Christian and other faith leaders


We help nurture values and spirituality in families, partnering with faith leaders from many backgrounds. We encourage and equip leaders to be agents of change in their communities, teaching the importance of respecting and caring for women and children, and those made vulnerable by illnesses such as HIV.